Saturday, November 19, 2011

Finding me...

So I've been working on The Pittsburgh Look, which has been keeping me busy on top of a job promotion that has me equally as busy if not more.  In this time of being super busy, I often feel like I give myself not enough just to me myself and enjoy the simple things that I like.  I want to keep this particular blog as a part of me and a testament to my personal style. 

As I'm trying to figure out my personal style (which is always in black - so far), I always look to street style for inspiration.  I've come to the realization that all you need in your outfit, on a daily basis is one interesting thing; a colorful scarf, a sharp blazer, an interesting pattern or cut.  It's all about being fearless yet practical. 

I love scarves but until I saw this video I think I might have known 2 ways to tie them.  Now,scarves are going to become an essential accessory in my everyday wear. 

Fur coat and a floppy hat - check out the HUGE bag.
Pumpkin Sweater - I need to find things in rich and interesting colors (
Everything about this look is interesting and amazing
Color.  Texture.  Layers.  Perfect.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stay Warm, Be Dry.

The Camel Coat - Fall's new essential (Pinterest)
A cozy coat keeps you warm on top, while cute, sheer tights peek out from the bottom (source: CUP OF JOE)
Now would be the time to bust out those knee socks... (source: keiko lynn)
A simple trench coat transforms a summer outfit to a chic fall outfit. (source: Raver Ria)
A scarf, leather jacket, and wind-whipped hair = Crappy Weather Chic
Rain boots are not as corny and mismatched as they used to be, find a pair that best suits your personal wardrobe palate and they can be just as cute regular boots without the added stress of getting them wet. (Pinterest)
Starting now until it starts to snow, always carry an emergency umbrella in your bag for those surprise rain storms.  (Pinterest)  Find ones that fit inside your purse (totes has really cute ones)
Layering is always a must in unpredictable weather!  (Pinterest)
A big cozy knitted sweater is another cold weather must!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Room to think. . .

 This week has been super interesting to say the least, for many reasons that I will not entertain right now. When I can see that my life is changing and that I am crossing over into a new phase, I always try to take that into consideration with the universe.  In times like these I try to tell myself that it's all part of the plan and to just go with the flow and change something about myself too - perhaps a new haircut, something new to wear, a different shade of lipstick, or maybe a new pair of shoes.  I think I want to change my room this time, a litte feng shui could never hurt and according to this article on How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom by Annie B. Bond (, my room is all wrong. I'd like to incorporate feng shui into my tiny bedroom the best I can yet keep my bedroom chic and hip. Here are some ideas I've come across. Hopefully this helps clear the air and bring brighter days. . .
Keep pieces simple and meaningful (

Place something beautiful that inspires you where you first look in the morning - Annie B. (pinterest)
I love the idea of making your room into your own personal gallery. (pintrest)
Excellent use of fabric! (pinterest)
"If two sleep in the bed, ensure matching beside tables on either side for added stability and protection in the relationship" - Annie B(pinterest)

"To help you protect your own chi while you are asleep, to internalize it and recharge it, make sure you have a strong, stable headboard. Chi energy enters and exits the body through the feet, hands and the top of the skull." - Annie B.  (pinterest)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Menswear Look

Today we went over to my wonderful boyfriend's Grandmother's house.  And after a delicious meal of grilled fish, borscht and dumplings, she pulled out a giant bag of.....viola!  Clothes!  They were from her daughter who is in her 40's and has an obsession with designer clothing and the money to spend on it, but then she comes home to try them only only to find that they are too "young" for her-and that is how I have inherited a rich Russian woman's wardrobe.   
 I must say, she has good taste!  The bag contained all kinds of wonderful black pieces that are totally Fall  and work appropriate.  It also included a wonderful micro-mini black pleather skirt with a large white cross going across it all Twiggy-Mod style - it makes me want to wear cat-eye liner and go-go boots!  The two pieces I am most excited about are the two pairs of trouser pants one from Ralph Lauren that are fitted really nice through the thigh and a pair from Arden B made out of a swishy material that feels like a slicker.  Very Le Smoking!  These give me a great opportunity to experiment with the whole menswear/le smoking look and it s preferably best in black . . . .
Nina Ricci (source:ballcaps and neckties)
The orginal Le Smoking suit by Helmut Lang 1975
Ashley Olsen in Calvin Klein (source: elleuk)
Olivia Palermo does le smoking
Blake Lively pulls off the modern tuxedo look (source:elleuk)
Victoria Beckham is strikingly chic from the sleek chignon to the plunging bare neckline. (source: thefrisky)

Elisa Sednaoui in Ralph Lauren (source: lafeem)
Kirsten Dunst in Tomboy Chic (
Kate Moss in YSL (
Karolina Kurkova looks clean and streamlined at Paris Fashion Week 2011 (
Olga Lanvin in Tuxedo Chic (
Best worn with clean minimalistic make-up (line your eyes) and sleek shiny hair; either in a classic knot at the nape of your neck or simply down and perfectly straight.  Classic and sexy!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fall Fever

It happened....I stepped outside today with a light jersey tank top, leggings and flats - it looked sunny and very clear - as soon as my skin hit the air, I was enveloped by the crisp chilly autumn breeze.  My heart nearly stopped for this could only mean one thing - it's time for a jacket!!! Boyfriend blazers, cardigans, leather jackets, vintage letter-mans, I love how a good structured jacket looks with a tight pair of pants and fabulous boots to go with it.  It is the ultimate Fall uniform and I believe the time has come here in the City of Steel to catch the Fall Fever!

Leather Jackets are the ultimate "cool" essential (pinterest)

A boxy military jacket + big bell bottoms = suuuper tiny thighs and a very flattering silhouette
Warm and Chic (modelinia)
The Boyfriend Jacket is always a key Fall item
Short Jackets make summer denim's easy to switch (
A Ladylike Peacoat - A Fall Classic (
Wool collared jackets are very 60's sexy  (Harpar's
A Long lean jacket is a great Winter-proof way to wear the long maxi skirt (
Fur and tweed give make this a versatile jacket that goes with any style! (
Red - arguably the color of 2011- in a long and bold jacket. (
A long boxy jacket adds structure and dimension to a skin tight/colored dress and heels (

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Bombshell Look

The newest issue of W Magazine features a bodacious sixties inspired Kristen Stewart. One who is mostly seen in cool - tough girl - chic, she oozed vintage sex kitten with voluminous locks and cat-styled eyes. Her look is classic, sexy and almost effortless - like she's been doing it for years!

Pale pouty lips, heavy winged eyeliner, massive hair and if you really want to go all the way, a very fitting ensemble with killer heels; the Bombshell Look can seem very extreme to the modern busy girl (with the usual powder, mascara, gloss and you're-out-the-door routine), its a look that takes time and perfection.   With the recent berry- stained lips, nude eyes, glowy skin, no-makeup-makeup trends, it's as if we've forgotten what makeup was made for; to accentuate our features and turn us into gorgeous sex kittens! Fall is the perfect time to experiment with this look because your makeup won't melt off and your hair won't fall down.  Pair this with a tight schoolgirl cardigan, a pencil skirt and some heels, or wear it casual with some capri pants, a flattering but simple top, and flats. . .
The Bombshell -Brigitte Bardot

 Here's an easy way to get The Bombshell Look in under 10 minutes, along with the "Super Bombshell" way to do it:

1:  Bombshell Hair
Quick Way: The great thing about Bombshell hair is that the messier it is, the better; like you've been rolling around in sheets all night! So if your hair isn't too bad in the morning, brush it out with your fingers so not to create frizz,then turn your head upside down and use a brush brushing downwards.  This creates volume from underneath, and doesn't mess with the natural bedroom effect. Spritz with a light hairspray and your hair is done!
Heidi Klum

 Super Bombshell Way: If you can remember, put your hair into a loose bun before you go to bed; make your hair into a pony tail, then take the pony tail and twist it until it coils itself into a bun. Unravel it in the morning and you should have soft loose waves.  Don't brush them out (unless need be), use a larger barreled curling iron to go over the waves very gently making sure they don't get too 'perfect.' Shake your head a couple times to create volume and spritz with hairspray.  

2. Foundation 

 Quick Way: Use a creamy foundation that matches your natural skin tone.  Dust on loose translucent powder with a big brush in circular motions to create a flawless airbrushed look.  Brush on a rosy blush into the apples and high points of your cheeks.

Super Bombshell Way:  Use a primer to make your makeup look extra flawless.  Use a creamy foundation and dust on powder afterwards.  Use a angled contouring brush and a pinky brownish blush to create defined cheekbones.

3: Eyes
Cindy Crawford
Quick Way:  Use a liquid eyeliner (the ones with a felt tip seem to be less messy and more precise), to draw semi thick line from the inner corners of your eye to the the very end of the lash line drawing up and out, creating a wing.  Let it dry for a second.  Curl your lashes (make sure they don't smudge your liner!), and finish off with curling mascara.
The Classic Cat Eye
The Super Bombshell Way:  Use a sheer pinky nude eyeshadow to fill in from your lash line to your just before your brow.  Use a highlighting eyeshadow to accentuate the brow bone, this will define your eyebrows.  Draw on your eyeliner just like its done above, let it dry, then go back over it with eye pencil.  fill in your brows in any sparse places over accentuating the arch.  Curl your lashes and then add individual lashes to the ends of your lash line so that they wing out.  Finish off with curling mascara and line the inner line of your bottom lashes with black eye pencil. 

4: The Pout

The Quick Way:  Powder your lips with  translucent power (this will help keep the pouty look all day), use a lip liner closest to your natural lip color.  Finish off with a frosty gold or pink gloss. 

Harlotte is a line that specializes in "Bombshell Beauty"

The Super Bombshell Way:  Dust lips with translucent powder and line with a nude colored pencil.  Use a matte beige lipstick and pat a couple layers onto lips. Blend the liner so that there are no hard edges.  Go over your lips with a sheer balm.  This is not supposed to be overly glossy, so balm works best. 

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